What we have been working on.

Projects and Initiatives at Arètech Inc.

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AdACause is a platform that consists of an iOS mobile app and a web app. AdACause allows users to easily make a difference towards causes and charities. I believe that money should not be a barrier stopping people from making a difference. AdACause utilizes video ads that generate revenue. AdACause allows users to watch these ads and use the revenue to make a difference. All a user has to do is select a cause or charity and start watching ads, and make a difference just by spending time. AdACause’s goal is to remove the Money Barrier and allow anyone to make a difference.

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Blinkr is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) application that detects blinks and smartly reminds a user if they are not blinking enough. While on the computer a person blink rate reduces significantly. This can lead to unwanted side effects. Blinkr has a software as well as hardware versions. Especially during this pandemic we are in front of the computer screen a lot. We hope that Blinkr can help!

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L2 Code 4 Kids (Learn to code for kids) is an initiative we started to teach kids computer programming. We are currently working out possible curriculums and we hope to start teaching kids to code soon!